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What is Amazon Automation?

Wait, hold up! We know what’s on your mind. This Amazon Automation thing is one big SCAM,
right? It’s just so easy for others to label something as a scam even if they don’t know anything
about it or have only heard from unreliable sources.

We’re here to prove those rumors otherwise and to ensure that everyone is well-educated in
the matter if you’ll give us a chance. Amazon Automation has multiple layers to it and so, by
just reading one write-up online or watching just one video is not enough to pass judgment on
this wonderful system that anyone can take advantage of.

You need to give it a chance for you to be given a chance for a lucrative passive income. So,
what is Amazon Automation? We will answer that question and more so please, read on.
Don’t be misinformed and stay in the know. This is more than just some trend, this is a chance
of a lifetime!

Don’t be fooled!!!

Yes, don’t be fooled by those saying that Amazon Automation is a scam. What is a scam
anyway? A scam is an outright lie. A scheme where a person or organization promises this and
delivers (or not) something else.

A scam is where you give and get nothing of value in return. Amazon automation is none of
those things and so we conclude that IT IS NOT A SCAM!

There are a lot of people that automatically dismiss “quick rich schemes” or even are afraid of
the word “automation” nowadays. They can either be judgmental or defensive against these
concepts. The thing is, Amazon Automation itself is not a quick rich scheme and automation
does not mean what many think it does in this context. You never know, you are already
dismissing an opportunity that only comes your way once in a lifetime.

Let us explain further!

So, just what is Amazon Automation?

There are just two words in this phrase amazon and automation. Now, we already know what
Amazon is, this giant multinational E-commerce company that has taken over the world and we
are not exaggerating.

So, the word in question here and that gets everyone’s defenses up is the word automation. So,
what does automation really mean in this context?

Simply put, automation is not some magic voodoo done to grow your money, it’s just simply
that you outsource the work done to grow your money and turn it into one lucrative passive

When people hear automation, they immediately think that things are done automatically and
there’s no work done at all. But in reality, there’s still a lot of work done to keep your money or
capital growing and make large margins off of it. The work is just not done by YOU!

So, once again, Amazon Automation is simply the process of outsourcing the work done in
order to put up a marketplace in this giant E-commerce industry. But, there’s one huge IF here
too and so that’s why this ain’t some quick rich scheme for you need to put up a CAPITAL first
before you can start.

Do you know what alchemy is? In the context of alchemy, you can only transform matter from
one form to another but there should be an equal exchange. That’s pretty much the process of
Amazon Automation, we can’t create anything out of nothing so you will need to put up the
capital before we can grow it.

Did we dispel the notion of the “Amazon Automation is a scam” statement you often see online
or on YouTube videos then? A) There’s nothing automatic here B) there’s still a lot of work done
but only not by you and C) we can’t start without you putting up any capital.

We are telling you upfront of what’s at stake and what we expect from you, we are being fully
transparent here and so, if you choose to proceed then you know what to expect from us as

Take a quick glance at the pros and cons of Amazon Automation before we proceed in our

The pros and cons of Amazon Automation

What is amzon automation


  • Consistently increase your bottom line
  • Always satisfy your customer’s needs
  • You don’t have to deal with customer service
  • Guaranteed return of customers
  • Your business is always ready to scale
  • Little to no order processing errors
  • Your data is better compiled
  • Inventory is better managed
  • Order returns will not be handled by you
  • Have more time for yourself, your family, and anything else you want to do but enjoy a robust passive income

what is amazon automation learn it


  • The amazon marketplace is already overcrowded and saturated
  • The process of automating your marketplace on your own is grueling plus you can’t just trust anyone about it
  • A large amount of capital is expected from you to put up

All right, you see the pros of Amazon Automation, that’s all sparkly and good we know but it’s
the cons that we want to focus on a little bit here as they tell us a lot of things that we need to
know before getting into this process.

Why you should hire US for your Amazon Marketplace venture!

The amazon marketplace is already overcrowded and saturated

We’ve been nothing but transparent to you throughout this article and we are going to
continue doing so. We are telling you upfront that Amazon’s Marketplace is a jungle
(appropriate of its name) and not for the weak of heart and those who’s got shallow pockets.

It’s where even the tough ones won’t survive without much knowledge and money to support
their business. It is the most saturated and cutthroat of all online marketplaces and on your
own, there’s a huge chance that you won’t make it or grow your money one bit.

What you need are experts to help you get started on the platform, those who already know
their way around the jungle that is Amazon online, and get you to stand out above the crowd.
We have the right skills, experience, and passion to be a helping hand for you throughout your

The process of automating your marketplace on your own is grueling plus you can’t just trust anyone about it

You have a lot of other options to automate your Amazon business and not just through us, IF,
you have a lot of time to set everything up from scratch that is. If you want, you can little by
little outsource or automate certain processes on your online marketplace.

What are we talking about? Here are a couple of ways you can try:

Amazon FBA

What better way to automate your Amazon related processes than just to take advantage of
Amazon’s workforce, right? From picking to packing to shipping, Amazon’s built-in system will
do the work for you.

So, in essence, order fulfillment and customer service will never be part of what you do. This is
especially ideal for newbies and those who may want to test the waters first. This will take a lot
off of your plate plus you won’t have to worry about cutoff times.

BUT if you’re looking for something long term and you have the capital to risk plus you dream
of making large margins on your products or brand then this may not be best suited for you.

For one, Amazon FBA takes a lot of your potential earnings due to their fees equating to lower
margins. Second, you won’t have any control over your brand, and third, it’s well-documented
that a lot of products shipped out get returned. Also, there’s a chance that your inventory will
be a mess.

Automate mundane tasks

We mentioned earlier that Amazon Automation does not mean that things are done
automatically or some sort of magic and there’s no work done at all but instead someone else
or some software does all the grinding for you.

So, why don’t you do just that? Go hire a virtual assistant to outsource any repetitive or
mundane tasks so you may have more time for other important things. Or why don’t you
automate your emails with email marketing software.

You may also utilize price trackers so you may automate your marketing research. There are
also what you call Repricer tools to help you automate your marketplace. The bottom line is,
there are tons of tools and software out there that you may learn to get the job done and

But then again, the keyword here is “learn”. Who’s got the time, right? And this whole deal
sounds like a lot of work and IT IS a lot of work. Not mentioning the money you need to spend
on hiring a trusted virtual assistant or to pay for the aforementioned tools necessary.

Us? We have all of these already. You hire us, we become your virtual assistant, we take care of
your online marketplace better from selling to distribution and your inventory won’t be a mess.
You hire us and no more learning any tools or paying up for any software.

All you have to understand are the basics and the terms of our relationship as PARTNERS. We
have the skills and we have the tools and we’ve tried both of those hundreds of times with our
other successful clients.

The large amount of capital expected from you to put up

You’re always going to need capital as you start a business venture. If you start investing on
your own in Amazon’s marketplace, you will have to pay a lot of fees and lose a lot of your
profit to percentages. Plus, you spend a huge part of your capital on your inventory.

At least with us, your money has a surefire direction or path that it will take to grow. We’re not
wizards and we can’t assure you 100% that we will have huge profits but we have a very high
success rate by far and we are CONFIDENT that we can help you grow.

You may put up $10000 to $30000 or more on upfront capital and we know that’s a lot but go
do things on your own without experience or skills and you might as well kiss your money

What’s in it FOR US?

All right, now that we’ve discussed what Amazon Automation is and we’ve dispelled the notion
that it’s a scam, a couple more questions might still linger in your minds. One of which is why
we do what we do, what’s in it for us?

Also, you may ask that if you have so many earnings and know how to grow money or capital
into multi-million or even billions of dollars then why won’t you just use your own money. Why
the need for other investors?


And, thanks for the concern but yeah, we don’t do this for charity, we’re passionate about
helping you or any other investors or newbies in the Amazon landscape but we take a cut out of
your earnings and capital that you put up.

As for the reason why we take in investors as opposed to just growing our own money, we only
have a very simple principle regarding that. We go public for the same reason why large
companies do and join the fray in the stock market.

As they say, go alone and you shall move fast, but go with others and you shall go far. That’s
our guiding principle but mostly, we are just really passionate about building partnerships and
helping others.

This is about building relationships and partnering up and not just purely business otherwise we
won’t last long in this industry. It’s grueling, it’s a lot of work, and we risk millions of dollars
here. But that very understanding makes us strong and passionate about what we do.

Yes, with our own money and expertise, we will earn millions, with you and other investors
together we will earn billions and as far as we know, the latter is a whole lot more money than
the former.

The Bottom LINE

Some may ask or even question why we earn so much profit margins in spite of the competition
in Amazon and that’s where that Amazon Automation is a scam. It’s really very simple. We
didn’t just learn what we know overnight, we worked hard for it, and it took years to know our
way around this jungle of an online marketplace.

So, now we are giving you a chance to take advantage of our years and years of expertise.
Everyone gets confused the first time around, everyone gets nervous in their first rodeo, but
great things start in small beginnings.

So fight the urge of backing out and start investing in what counts today. We will earn and grow
your capital because we know how to play the numbers and give ourselves a fighting chance of
making it BIG.

Are you going to allow yourself to get behind? We say, no MORE! Get in front and welcome to
the world of lucrative passive income. It’s a risk but you will miss all the shots you didn’t take.

And, we are your best shot.

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