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Have you heard about Walmart Automation and how it’s been changing the lives (for the better) of a lot of people lately? Maybe even some people you know, actually. Are you tired of always living in the dark and not knowing what’s so great about online selling? And how lucrative it can become?

Well, you shouldn’t be, at least not anymore! If you’ve been trying to get into selling your stuff online and specifically in Walmart then you’re going to need to hop on the bandwagon and earn some serious cash. The time is now, and so, what are you even waiting for?

But, by how, exactly? Through Walmart Automation!

Don’t let your money that can be used as capital that’s just sitting in the bank, accumulating very little interest go to waste. It’s time to put your money to work and earn some MASSIVE passive income.

Of course, we ARE HERE TO GUIDE YOU! We’re going to be with you in every step of the process and actually, you know what? We will take care of 99% of the work for you if you let us, and you can just sit back and relax and let the cash flow in!

Read on further to find out how!

ALL ABOUT Walmart Automation? (Everything you need to know!)

Walmart Automation is a widely used system or process if you want to sell products online. And we are talking about ANY products here in the Walmart Seller Marketplace. Now, what does this mean for you exactly? This means that you will not have an inventory to maintain.

And that’s huge! That’s a great advantage for any online seller or anyone just starting to sell their stuff or a variety of products. No inventory to think about means no logistical headaches for you. You don’t have to worry about storage, physical locations, and a lot of other standard stuff that gives problems and ultimately discourages new sellers.

These cumbersome processes actually eventually stop anyone from altogether starting an online business. Now, you won’t have to worry about any of it and you can move forward in the process with relative ease.

This is essentially a Dropshipping business model that products will only be bought once the customer decides to place and pay the said order. The order is then processed afterward and then shipped to the customer.

You’ll be delighted to hear that Walmart Seller Marketplace currently has one of the most traffic as compared to some other platforms out there meaning that if you put up products on it, it’s almost certain that you’ll earn huge passive income with the right strategies.

Of course, it won’t be easy, you’re going to need to study all of the basic concepts to be successful at this venture. As with everything else, nothing is certain, or maybe, some people can help you out with this? More on that later!

Need a few more reasons to start selling on the Walmart Seller Marketplace? Here you GO!

  • Even if this platform is already very lucrative, it’s still not as crowded as amazon so the competition won’t be that tough or at least compared to the other retail giant in the industry today. In short, more opportunities for YOU!
  • You’ll have access to a fully automated platform and there are experts today that can help you run your online store and manage everything for you as you just reap the benefits and receive passive income like a PRO.
  • Since it’s not as congested as Amazon this platform will still grow, and who knows, that you will grow with it. Do you have dreams of earning 8 figures? We don’t know about you, but this is a pretty good place to start.
  • Everything you need or will need is all set from listings, product research, processing of the orders, customer service, even handling of returns!

The downside?

The downside of selling in Walmart’s platform can still be considered as a positive but only for the determined. Getting approved to sell in Walmart’s Seller Marketplace is not as easy as getting approved in eBay or Amazon, but if you think about it, that’s fine for you won’t have as many competitors and they’ve filtered out those who are not right for the platform.

How do you make sure that you get through the screening process successfully then? Well, you get the help of those who’ve done it before, of course. That’s what we are here for!

We are THE experts when it comes to Walmart Seller Marketplace and we will be more than willing to get your shop going.

But, let us make sure that you understand how it works first.

How does Walmart Automation work?

For a better understanding of the concepts of Walmart Automation, we need to first discuss Dropshipping.

Walmart Dropshipping is pretty much an order fulfillment process in the retail industry where a store such as Walmart will not have products physically with them.

Instead, they are with a third-party seller, and that once someone or a customer buys said product the third-party seller delivers it directly to them. This is the reason why Dropshipping on Walmart’s platform is super enticing.

Walmart Automation is YOU taking advantage of this Dropshipping method that Walmart allows in their Seller Marketplace.



Amazon Automation VS Walmart Automation

How different is Walmart Automation from Amazon Automation?

You’ve heard about both terms and probably looked them both up so you can make a sound decision on which route to take for your planned online selling business.

Here are some key differences.

— First of all, both are incredible opportunities for passive income.

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world that means that you will have a ton of opportunities in this platform but it’s got way more sellers as compared to Walmart and that means more competition for you and so that can mean lower profit margins.

And sometimes, that low-profit margin can be a deterrent for investors or sellers since if you want to go to Automation, it is almost automatic too that you’d want a larger profit margin. Plus, it is also quite known that Amazon can be just as strict as Walmart when it comes to new sellers.

But not in the way Walmart filters their new sellers but that your Amazon account might go under monitoring and even suspended should you be new and have massive activities on it right away. The only way to make sure that your account won’t be under scrutiny is if it’s already an aged account i.e. one-year-old or longer and has some sales history already as this will bypass any of Amazon’s checks.

Now, to reiterate what we said were the pros in choosing Walmart Automation earlier, it really is a ground floor for all online sellers. There is significant traffic that you can definitely sell tons of stuff but at the same time, the competition is not as stiff.

And as mentioned, Walmart is a strict right on the approval process as they will require a few things from you. Bottom line is that Walmart values quality over quantity when it comes to their online sellers. And once you get through the registration process, you won’t have to go through the checks that Amazon does for new sellers. You can use the platform right away without any fear of getting suspended.

These are both the pros and cons of the aforementioned platforms. As you can see, there’s not much difference in their processes but only on certain policies, they enforce.

Getting around these policies is part of our job and to help you earn a lot of money in the process.

Say HELLO to a chance of having a lucrative PASSIVE INCOME through our Walmart Automation Services!

Just like what we mentioned in our introduction, if you’ve been looking for a chance to break into the online selling craze but just don’t know how, don’t know where to start, and is intimidated by all the jargon and processes, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have the needed expertise on running a successful Walmart seller account and know all the ins and outs in the industry. We can grow your business as you sit back and relax and reap all of the benefits.

Why should you partner with us?

  • We will serve as your mentor when it comes to this industry as we understand that at first, it can really be intimidating leading to some just deciding to give it up without even trying.
  • Let us handle the reigns at first if you want to learn about the tricks of this trade. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself and worry about any learning curve which can take a while to be successful in this field.
  • You can make some serious passive income right on the get-go from your capital invested.
  • You just sit back and relax and let us work on making you a ton of money plus large profit margins.
  • You will have all the time in the world to spend on some other important things like spending it with your family, travel, and other business ventures.

All right, this all sounds nice but, how do I get started? If you’ve decided to partner with us then it’s really easy from here on out, you only really need a couple of things!

First is the needed capital to get the ball rolling and second, a POSITIVE attitude!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: All right, I get it, it’s all automated but what is my day-to-day tasks for this, if any?

Answer: Well, no. you won’t have any daily tasks at all since it is an automated process. If you’re going to partner with us, then we are going to take care of the setup process right on the get-go or we will walk you through all of it. Just get all of your baking details ready and most of all, don’t forget about the capital.


Question: Do you have any idea of the profit margins of Walmart Automation? What kind of products will my inventory have? Can you give some examples?

Answer: The industry standard profit margin for Dropshipping should be around 10% to 20%. It varies, but with Walmart, you will have large profit margins at around 12% to 35% net. Naturally, the more sales we can accomplish, the more money you will earn.

When it comes to the products that we will be setting up to sell, it will all be random. Don’t worry, one major advantage of partnering up with us is that we already have a set of data and always updating on which products we can sell that will make us some profits. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed as with every business but at least we are backed by data, and most often than none, data won’t fail us.

We also take the guesswork out of anything we do and pretty much rely on just tried and proven methods or processes. And, did we mention that we survey the products that we can buy for so much less and then sell them at high margins? Yep, we are good at that.


Question: What do we really mean by working capital? Any other fees that I may need to pay up for aside from the upfront capital? Can you expound on the process of me getting paid?

Answer: Working capital simply means the money that you put up front. It’s pretty much the money that you were planning to put up for your online store, to begin with only now, you have us as your guide and you can be sure that this venture will be fruitful.

And yes, aside from the upfront capital, you will have to pay a few other fees but most of it would be for inventory costs. And as for your payment, Walmart, as of writing, pays every Tuesday every other week, and depending on your bank you should have the funds no later than 3 days.


Question: As a third-party partner of experts, what’s in it for you?

Answer: As your third-party Walmart Automation partners, we get a percentage off of the profits of course. We handle and have successfully launched several Walmart accounts and so we earn off of percentages from said accounts for us to also thrive.

Sharing our knowledge and helping other businesses thrive is our passion and we wouldn’t think of doing anything else. There will be varying results per online seller but we promise you that it will be a positive one all the time.


So, don’t be left out anymore. We beg you not to pass up on the chance to earn while you sit back and relax. We will make your money work for you. we are more than willing to share our expertise and help your business and finances grow!

Let’s make sure that you are always on top of things. As they say, it’s important to work smart than work hard. All you have to do is to know how to play your cards right and we can definitely help you out with that.

So start turning your dreams into reality today for success is just around the corner. It’s time to stop the hesitation and get in the driver’s seat.

Walmart automation is the key to living life to the full. 

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