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If there is one thing popular in the world at the moment, it is business. Business in any form is popular, important, and worth watching. The success rate is enormous in business. Even if you consider losses, still the profit percentage is large enough to trap you. This is the power of business. From 2000 to 2010, there was no scope for online shopping and business. All we knew were lofty shopping plazas or dedicated outlets. And life was fierce back then. Shopping while standing in queues and stranding on roads.

But of a sudden, life began to change with the culture of online shopping. E-commerce websites began to enter the market to offer potential customers ease of business. But in all such modifications, one platform has been always there. Amazon is the worldwide popular e-commerce platform that is known for reliability, importance, and professionalism. But in the 21st century, even Amazon offers loads of hacks so you can sell in a modern way. This leads us to understand what the seller calls drop shipping. If you are wondering how to dropship on Amazon, this is the read for you.

What is Drop Shipping?

In commerce, drop shipping refers to shipping orders by obtaining products from a third-party seller. In other words, the seller does not handle the product rather it purchases from another seller. And then, the seller delivers it to the original customer. Can you dropship on Amazon easily? Yes, you can. But here is what the idea generally means.

Practical Example

Let us understand this methodology from two practical examples. In the first one, consider you have a best friend and you both study together in the same class. It is more likely that one of you will need the support and help of the other on many occasions. Friendships require support at the most dangerous and demanding times. So put yourself in such a situation where your best friend calls on you to buy him a fountain pen for tomorrow’s exam.

His exam is due tomorrow and it is dark at night. Even dark that you cannot think of stepping out of the house to buy something for him. But since he is your best friend, you promise to help him out. Now you find yourself in a troublesome situation. But instantly you get hit on an idea. That all your friend needs are a pen. So you lend a pen from your elder brother for a day and even pay him some cash too.

Next, you call your friend and ask him to receive the pen early in the morning easily. Your friend comes to you, you hand him a new-looking pen. What you get in return, an ever-stronger friendship bond.

This is the simplest example of drop shipping where you were the seller. Your best friend was your customer. And your elder brother was the third-party seller. You have the order but you do not possess any goods. So you contact and purchase from another seller and deliver it to your customers.

Practical Example

Now consider another practical example. You wish to enter the field of business as an entrepreneur. All you have is passion and ideas but not great resources. However, you possess the basic knowledge of business, purchasing, and selling. In this regard, what you need at first is a solid platform. A platform that will engage you in the best way and establish your business. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon provide you with methods as to how to dropship on Amazon.

In this example, consider yourself as a start-up business owner. And you have a small sum of money. You begin your website but you have no goods or products. However, you do know a couple of suppliers who have all the goods that you require. You list all the products that you wish to sell on your website.

Customers contact you through your website and place orders. Upon receiving orders, you directly go to your suppliers, purchase the item, and deliver it to the customers. This is the appropriate and commerce-related example of drop shipping.

Drop Shipping on Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. It has loads of services on offer. The basic ones include easy account setup, product management, order receiving, order processing, and order delivery. All of this is done through their website. Since the world is modernizing, e-commerce platforms also modify to accommodate their clients.

This leads us to the primary question, can I dropship on Amazon? The answer to this is yes, Amazon allows me to dropship. In other words, Amazon allows me this diverse option and method to establish my business through drop shipping.

However, Amazon being one of the top-selling websites in the world follows some rules. Although it does allow you to dropship, this is what you need to take care of:

  • You need to present yourself as the seller of your product.
  • Always mention yourself as the sole owner of your products when you print sale receipts, invoices, and related product information.
  • Moreover, make sure to remove the name and contact information of the third-party seller from the invoice and receipt.
  • Always be open to receiving return orders. Many sellers do not focus on receiving return orders but Amazon does not offer a choice there. You have to process return orders.
  • Ensure that you sign all agreements regarding Amazon dropshipping policies.



How to Start Drop Shipping on Amazon?

Since you have adequate knowledge about dropshipping. Now is the time to think ahead for the next step. That is, how to start a dropshipping business on Amazon? Dropshipping is an easy and convenient way to sell and establish your business. Amazon drop shipping offers you the ability to sell products by not having any of them.

In other words, you do not need to have the products physically present near you to sell. But all you need is a reliable supplier. This supplier will be the one whom you contact once you receive an order. You obtain this product from the supplier and sell it to the customer claiming yourself as the owner.

But here is a brief way on how to start dropshipping on Amazon.

Step 1: Amazon and Shopify 

The partnership of Amazon with Shopify has great importance. This partnership helps customers to sell actively on Amazon as well as on Shopify. In addition, you can set up an account on Shopify however you can manage it through Amazon.

Amazon sales channel offers you the liberty to manage your selling account on Shopify as well as additional benefits. These include:

  • Create a list highlighting your products. In other words, you can create a product list for yourself.
  • Manage your orders. Once you list your products for selling, you can manage the description, the offer your wish to provide, and more perks.
  • The ability to link your Amazon drop shipping data to your Shopify account. In other words, you can link the two accounts.

Step 2: Establish Your Seller Account on Amazon

This is the first and foremost step you need to take to start your business on Amazon. A seller account is necessary to start your business account on Amazon. Once you visit the Amazon website to begin the selling process. You will be taken to the sign-up place. All you need to do is enter your relevant information such as:

  • Name and other identifying information
  • Business type you intend to commence
  • Your contact information such as contact number and address
  • Tax information
  • Credit card information

Step 3: Obtain Amazon Approval

Amazon approval is not a difficult process or something bad. However, it is a way of Amazon to make sure you emerge on the screen as the best. Or potentially you can become one of the best. Moreover, Amazon focuses on a select number of products that require approval.

These include:

  • Grocery
  • Gourmet Food
  • Music
  • Jewelry products
  • Video, Blu-Ray, and DVD items
  • Wrist and smartwatches

There is another theory behind this step of Amazon. Every platform makes sure to sell authentic products by hiring professionals. If you possess a professional account, there is no problem for you. But few sellers do not care much about quality and assurance which results in a bad response. Thus, Amazon makes sure you request approval if you intend to sell the following products.

Step 4: Connect Amazon to Shopify

Once you set up your Amazon account, the next thing you must do is avail the connection offer. Amazon, through its partnership with Shopify, offers you the ability to connect to Shopify. In simpler words, you will be able to connect your Amazon account with the Shopify one. In this way, you will be able to share your Amazon listing, product information, as well as order information.

Here is how you can add Amazon to your Shopify sales list:

  • From your Shopify account, a sidebar will be visible to you on the left side of your screen.
  • Look for the ‘Sales’ option and click ‘+’.
  • After you click the ‘+’ button, a pop-up menu will appear containing loads of service providers.
  • Look for the ‘Amazon’ option and click the ‘+’ option next to the name.
  • After you click the ‘+’ button, you can view loads of detailed options available for you. These details will be related to accounting information from Shopify and Amazon.
  • Once you find everything acceptable, click on ‘Update sales channel’.
  • Your Amazon and Shopify accounts have linked up.

Step 5: Create Your Amazon Product Listing

Is Amazon drop shipping profitable? All of this depends on how effectively you display your products. Product display is not only limited to displaying your items on your online store. But a lot of factors come into play such as product listing, product offers, etc.

A product listing page on a website is arguably the important page on a website. This page shows customers what you sell, the price structure, as well as a complete list of products. But this page is set up by you. When you establish your online store, you need to enter products to sell. This is the page where all of your listed products show up.

If you wish to enter your products from Amazon to Shopify, there is no boundary. However, there is one thing you need to understand. If you are a new seller, Amazon only allows you to sell limited products. This changes though when you begin to sell more products.

Step 6: Sync Amazon Inventory

Sync features what most of us know from our smartphones and desktops. This feature enables automatic data transfer, such as contacts, images, videos, files, etc. from two different areas. These areas can be two different systems or two different sources.

Similarly, Amazon offers you the ability to sync with Shopify to establish a similar product list. Syncing your Amazon inventory offers you the ability to enter your same products on Shopify too. With this, it becomes easy to manage two different accounts with the same products.

Why Amazon Drop Shipping?

If you still have any issues regarding drop shipping, Amazon, or online business store, be patient. This is the section specifically built for you. In simple, this section will provide you with why Amazon dropshipping is the best method for your business.

·         Trusted Suppliers

Amazon is among the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. In addition, suppliers trust, rely and focus on Amazon for their business promotion. There is no doubt that suppliers require clients in bulk. But Amazon is not ready to accept everyone. Amazon purchases products from only the best and reliable sellers and stores them.

·         Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon is certified and dedicated Amazon service. It allows Amazon to do all the hard work. This includes storing, stacking, and packing products for store owners. Moreover, with this service, you will be able to add your products too.

However, there is one issue with this service. Amazon requires that you have your products stacked in the warehouse before availing of the fulfillment offer.

·         Wide Audience

Amazon offers you a wide audience of suppliers. These suppliers help you establish a wider brand, selling a range of products. Moreover, with such suppliers, there is a chance that your online store will grow manifolds. And with the rightful suppliers, your online business is set to welcome loads of customers.

Why Not Drop Ship by Amazon?

You will feel what is the necessity for offering cons in this regard? But if we offer you pros then cons will follow too. Every brand, company, and industry has positives as well as negatives. And it is up to you to decide which side of the debate you fall.

So here is where Amazon lacks.

·         Sales Data

Amazon has a history of accessing the sales data of sellers. The sales data shows products you have sell, and which of the products are loved by customers. Based on this data, Amazon prepares its method of vetting sellers. There have been reports of Amazon manipulating this data per their requirement.

·         Zero Customization Power

We all love the ability to customize and modify our websites and web pages. But in the case of Amazon, there is no power with you. In other words, Amazon does not provide you with the liberty to choose how you wish to decorate your site. Amazon controls everything including UI, themes, branding, marketing, etc.

·         Products Upfront

You know Fulfillment by Amazon is such a great service. But behind greatness is a bitter truth. Though Amazon offers you the ability to utilize the no-cost factor it has on offer in terms of product storage. However, this fulfillment offer is available only if you have products at hand. In short, this service is only available if you have products to store in the warehouses.

Pros of Owning an Online Shopping Store

Done with Amazon and done with drop shipping. Now is the time for you. From here begins what will make up your mind. Starting a business is difficult. But only if you wish to open an outlet, stack products, and then sell. However, if you take the online selling route, your business is the next big thing.

So here is a list of pros of owning an online shopping store:

·         Power to You

If you own anything, it means you have power. But if you own something physically, there is a chance that you do not own that a hundred percent. This is where online platforms shine. The ability to own and control your webpage is a blessing in disguise. An online store gives you the liberty to expand, modify, sell, store, and manage however you like.

·         Easy Design

The online store offers you a lot. Although modification and customization are much easy in Shopify compared to Amazon. Yet in general, online platforms offer you a good design to begin your store. Easy designs and themes offer you a good look at your store. Moreover, the color combination and theme setup provide the icing on the cake. With customization, some platforms offer you the liberty to customize as you like.

·         Easy Mobile Selling

An online store is not just online selling over a desktop. But an online store offers you selling through your smartphone as well. Smartphone apps for top-rated e-commerce platforms help you in many ways. These include order management from your fingertips. Moreover, you can deliver your order, check order status, as well as manage your product list with ease. In the modern-day, the importance of mobile marketing is gaining influence.

·         Easy Drop Shipping

Since all the talk here is about drop shipping, it is easier to implement here than physical. If you own a physical shop, it is difficult to receive products and then deliver them. However, through online stores, you can easily manage third-party purchasing and delivery. In essence, Amazon offers you Fulfillment by Amazon for help.

The Big Picture

Is Amazon drop shipping profitable? Yes. Can I dropship on Amazon? Yes. But this is not the total picture on offer. Online stores give you a great opportunity to begin your business. Every entrepreneur loves to set up his or her business in the best way. This includes investing a low or average sum. Moreover, young entrepreneurs love to customize and modify their stores. This is in the case of themes, UI, webpage design, etc. Moreover, people love to have the power so they can make sure what they wish to sell.

A majority of physical business owners do not love the way the public forces play out. However, online business owners never question a lot. They seem to be happy about many of the things. These include the ability to control their store on their own. Managing orders and processing them on their own. As well as choosing the best, flexible, and reliable suppliers on their own.

In all of this drop shipping is what gets missed out. This is a great way to empower new online business owners. New startups lack the potential and professionalism to tackle bulk orders. A third-party supplier is what they will love. And this is what drop shipping is.

Dropshipping refers to hiring a third-party supplier for your products. But why do you need a third-party supplier? It is because being a new entrepreneur, you will possess little or almost no good at all. But do not let this get in the way of your dream and potential. Through drop shipping, you can contact a supplier and have an excess of their products. And once you receive an order for the same product, simply buy from the supplier and deliver with ease.


Amazon is great. And so is the ability to dropship. With this, you get extra power alongside other benefits of owning an online store. So, all you need to start your business is to open an account on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. And the drop shipping methodology has got your back. So, what is the wait for? Contact us now for best amazon automation services and dropshipping services.

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