Can i dropship from walmart? Dropshipping and Walmart

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Can i dropship from walmart

Dropshipping and Walmart: Things you need to know!

Online selling or E-Commerce has been fully integrated into our lives and it doesn’t look like these concepts are going away anytime soon as times are changing. Our lifestyles have changed and ultimately how we buy or sell things have changed and have found a home in the digital landscape.
Are you an online seller and want to explore more options for your portfolio? Are you already into Dropshipping? Which platform are you using? Got tired of Amazon? Well, we can understand the latter as it’s now the number 1 most saturated marketplace there is.

So, you’ve heard about Walmart given that it’s now 2nd only to Amazon and has a lot and lots of potential so you’re looking to take advantage of the trend. We understand that too.

But given Walmart is a completely different jungle than Amazon, you can surely expect that things would be a little bit different too. We’re here to guide you! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about Dropshipping at Walmart. Read on!

Can I Dropship from Walmart?

Are you a complete newbie on online selling or E-Commerce? Or just looking to try Walmart out given that it’s still pretty much ground floor as of now and lots of opportunities yet to come? Doesn’t matter. For the newbie, it can get intimidating at first but don’t worry we will guide you.

So, the big question right now is can I Dropship from Walmart? Well, unfortunately, NO! Wait, what? Way to burst our bubble, man! You got us all excited for nothing. That’s probably what’s on your mind right now, right? But, let us explain.

Let us revisit what Dropshipping is first!

So, how does Dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is the retail strategy where you as a seller sets up shop online (with a list of products that you plan to sell) but don’t necessarily have your own inventory of the said products.

Instead, the order gets forwarded to a third-party who’s got the inventory and they are the ones who also forward the product to the customer themselves. You pay said third-party the original retail price of the product ordered and you keep whatever profit margin you put on top of it when bought by the customer.

How you get people to buy from you or how third parties or customers benefit from this system is a completely different discussion but that’s how Dropshipping works in a nutshell.

So, knowing how Dropshipping works gives us a better perspective as to why Walmart doesn’t allow it. Think of you as the seller and then think of Walmart as the third party we were referring to in our definition.

Now, Walmart does not allow this and it’s clearly stated in their policy. Why? You can say that it’s a business move. They won’t allow anyone or at least investigates anyone and restricts them from Dropshipping to their customers. You can try but we warn you, you will get caught. Also, you may try and use third-party apps to help you circumvent Walmart’s policies but do so at your own risk. If you decide to go ahead then beware of scammers!

But listen, the keyword here is from, you can’t Dropship from Walmart but you know what, you can Dropship on Walmart. That’s right, we promised you that we will help you and we are not breaking that. Here’s how you can circumvent Walmart’s policies and get a legal way to still Dropship on their platform.

How to Dropship on Walmart?

There are still a good number of ways so you may Dropship on Walmart and we’re going to discuss a few of them. Rest assured that if you go with these methods that you won’t get banned or anything from using Walmart’s platform.

Dropship on Walmart’s very own platform

If you want to Dropship through Walmart then you can’t treat them as a third party. Walmart, as you all know, has got its very own platform or marketplace. So, if you want to use their inventory then Dropship on their platform and not from another one and surely you can take advantage of this giant retailer.

Use Walmart’s DSV or Drop Ship Vendor system

The next thing that we want to discuss with you is how you can take advantage of Walmart’s Drop Ship Vendor system or DSV. This might sound new to a lot of you so let’s check it out.

DSV is Walmart’s very own B2B program. This is where you assume the role of a wholesaler or supplier as you sell your products to Walmart to be put up for resale. You also get to be a manufacturer if you produce your own products.

There are two ways to ship your products here, you can either ship them to Walmart’s warehouses or ship them directly to your customers.

And yes, we know what you’re thinking, this seems a bit far from dropshipping’s original concepts. Where’s all the convenience? And yes, we agree, but there are a lot of benefits to you as a seller if you use Walmart’s DSV program. Besides, as mentioned above, you can’t do Dropshipping through Walmart the conventional way, at least, not anymore since they’ve changed their policies. And, we can’t do anything but adapt if we want to make it big.

Before we discuss said benefits let’s take a look at another option that you may take advantage of if you want to Dropship at Walmart.

Why not just buy the items yourself and resell them?

Last but not least, we also suggest that you do a bit of a workaround yourself. Once you get an order from your online shop then why not just buy the item yourself from Walmart, get it shipped over to you, and then send it to your customers? Sounds, easy enough, with very little hurdle to overcome and 0 Walmart policies to go through with.

So now, given Walmart’s restrictions, why would you still consider Dropshipping on them? Here are your pros and cons!

walmart marketplace dropshipping

Walmart marketplace Dropshipping Pros and Cons


Upgrade your reputation as a seller

Look, you’re going to have a lot of competition when it comes to online selling and we’re not only talking about in the Walmart marketplace. We’re talking about people selling their stuff everywhere, the internet is vast so it’s going to be tough.

BUT if you have your products on Walmart’s platform then certainly, you as a seller will have a better chance of getting customers to buy your stuff. Walmart is already a well-established and trusted brand and so people will trust you more too. You get this credibility and that’s worth a lot. That’s on huge step accomplished here, get people to flock to you no matter if you chose a niche or not.

Faster delivery

When you sell through Walmart, you already have a solid, tried, and tested mechanism behind you. Not only do you boost your reputation, but you also don’t have to worry about a lot of other logistical parts of the entire process.

And this includes delivery. When it comes to online selling, delivery of the products is the essence of it all. If you fail to deliver on time and accurately then your trust rating amongst your customer pool will also plummet.

Walmart has a lot of attractive delivery features to offer that you can take advantage of. Next-day delivery, anyone?

You also get to deliver to not-so-accessible locations with ease and at the same time, ease when it comes to shipping large, fragile, or other delicate products over to your customers.

Huge inventory

All right, so you attract a lot of customers now through Walmart, what’s next? Well, you need to make sure that you diversify and that’s easy to do with this retailer because they have one of the largest inventory of products in the industry today.

Anything your customers would need 99% of the time would be available in Walmart.

Great deals and larger profit margins for YOU

Walmart always has the best deals for their customers so you as a reseller will have a ton of opportunities to take advantage of this. That means higher profit margins for you.



Given that Walmart is now second to only Amazon, you can expect that there will be a lot of competition for you. This is why seasoned online sellers would tell you to look for niche products to sell like pet products or gaming so you can at least get yourself noticed by potential customers.

But, if you think about it, there’s competition anywhere and as a matter of fact, it’s worse in Amazon as their approval process is not as stringent as that of Walmart. So, while there will be tons of competition, or you for sure in this platform, you’ll have a slightly better chance to make it big here.

No brand recognition for you

Once again, another general disadvantage to this type of online selling would be that since you are riding on the coattails of Walmart then most often than none, you won’t get any brand recognition yourself.

You probably won’t have any of your own products so it’s all Walmart. You put in the effort and you will earn but it’s not really your store that the customers would associate with.

Except if you do DSV or the resale option we suggested above.

You’re in for a lot of work

This is no easy feat and you will have to put in a ton of work necessary to gain from this venture. Plus, there’s no guarantee which products will sell. But you know what, we might have a solution for you.

What we offer

We offer a set of services to help guide anyone who’d like to get into Walmart’s Marketplace. We are open for anyone with or without any experience in E-Commerce in general as it is not a guarantee that if you were successful in some other platform you will too be successful here.

We will be with you every step of the way from setting up your online shop, picking out your products, and to start selling. We will help you get through any policy restrictions and get you to sell on Walmart and Dropship without any fear of getting banned.

Also, we mentioned that this is one demanding venture and perhaps you won’t even have the time nor energy to learn everything there is to learn about it in a short time. Plus, if you have a limited amount of capital to risk then surely you’d want this venture to be successful right away.

We’re here to take a lot of load off your plate and make sure that your money won’t go to waste. How? How are we so confident that we help your capital grow and help you gain high-profit margins?

Because we’ve been through it all already. We’ve helped clients get to their goals and more over and over again. Our expertise is at your disposal and we assure you that we will grow your initial capital multiple times over.

What’s in it for us?

Well, very simple. We take a percentage off of your earnings and also your initial investment. We’re passionate about helping others put up their own marketplaces online but of course, this ain’t charity we’re doing. We will be transparent with you throughout this whole process so we can build a trusting relationship.

Together we will GROW.

We also need you to understand that – we don’t employ a one-size-fits-all approach here. If you think that we will treat you the same way we treat our other clients then that’s not quite accurate.

Everyone is different and while you’re going to have your own path and needs we will be using the same set of tried and tested techniques to get you where you want to be.

We will take a lot of the stress away from you. No need to hire anyone else too. We can handle it ALL.

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