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Have you ever dreamed of putting up your own Amazon business but just don’t have the time or energy to do so? Pretty understandable given that we all have day jobs to keep us preoccupied, family to attend to, and tons of other chores to take care of.

Well, thanks to the principles of Amazon Automation you can now turn that dream into reality! There’s a reason why Amazon is growing and growing into this trillion-dollar industry and that’s because almost everyone buys (or sells) their stuff on the platform.

And there’s no reason why we think that YOU can’t be a part of it. Interested? Let’s get your Amazon journey started and learn about its basic principles and how it can benefit your life ASAP.


Just a quick glimpse of the concept…

Listen, before we start discussing all of the exciting details of this opportunity we want to talk about a major challenge. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows for being a seller in Amazon is not easy. There are literally millions of sellers on the platform all over the world and getting through that is going to be very tough.

Truly, if you’re going to get your products to stand out, you’re going to need all the help that you can get. That’s why the concept of Amazon Automation was made.

And, for those who don’t know, Amazon Automation is pretty much an approach to selling your products in the platform with a more hands-off approach rather than YOU as the owner having to deal with the multitude of processes that need to be done in this very competitive landscape.

Amazon Automation

Here are a few benefits that you will reap once you utilize Amazon Automation:

  • Consistently increase your bottom line
  • Always satisfy your customer’s needs
  • Guaranteed return customers
  • Your business is always ready to scale
  • Little to no order processing errors
  • Your data is better compiled
  • Inventory is better managed
  • Have more time for yourself, your family, and anything else you want to do but enjoy a robust passive income

You significantly lower your operation cost and time investment in your business but at the same time, you get very satisfied customers due to the efficient running of your business. Labor costs are sufficiently cut and you just reap all of the benefits.

This is truly one of the best ways to be successful in this competitive eCommerce landscape and that extra time, well, you may reinvest all of that into some other ventures. Neat, huh?

Are there a group of people out there or should we even say experts that can help you jumpstart your Amazon business and automate it for you? It turns out, there are and WE are one of those.

We will be more than happy to take a huge load off of your plate and help you get your Amazon business automated but first, just for the sake of transparency and should we say, full disclosure, we would like for you to be well-versed with your other options before discussing what we can offer. What we want for you is to be able to make a sound decision for your budding business, after all, all we want to do is HELP!


So… how is this accomplished?

Yeah, those benefits are all nice but how exactly is it done? Well, good question, let’s get to how this will all be executed, shall we?

There are a lot of ways that you may automate your Amazon business. We will go through them one by one so you’ll have a better understanding of the concept.

  1. Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon

If you sell something in Amazon one of the first options that you probably run into to automate some of the processes in your business is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

It’s an effective way to take a lot of things off of your hands and free up time. Picking, packing, and shipping your online orders will never be easier with FBA. You can even get a customer service team to back you up and at the same time, get them to handle returns on your orders.

Here are a few things that Amazon FBA can do for you:

  • Get your mind off any cutoffs or late shipments as FBA allows for shipping or individual orders
  • You will have more time to spend on marketing because you don’t have to deal with returns, handling returns can oftentimes be frustrating and requires a lot of work and so with that out of your mind then you may focus on a lot more important things
  • Given that order fulfillment and customer service is handled by Amazon FBA, you won’t have to deal with any negative feedback, complaints, or anything that may stress you out, this, in turn, may allow you to just keep on keeping on and stay positive on building your empire
  • You also won’t have to deal with answering any questions related to ordering, shipping, or any other customer service related topics

Another upside of Amazon FBA, which’s why is a top choice for Amazon Automation, is that you will only be required to have one product to get the ball rolling. Just ONE product and you’re set. As they say, great things start in small beginnings and maybe, this is the beginning you need.

But with most services, there are downsides, right? Here’s what you need to be wary of should decide to use Amazon FBA as your Amazon Automation of choice.


  • The FEES–if your amazon shop is not grossing nearly enough then be wary of the fees that are going to drive down or even eat all of your margins up. Plus, you need to be wary of all the fees that you’re going to have to pay up for. This includes storage, packaging, listing, shipping, and many more fees that you’re going to have to pay Amazon upfront.
  • You won’t have control over your branding. This will significantly cripple your chances to grow your private label as you won’t even have control over the packaging. Ouch!
  • Given that you are giving Amazon almost 100% control then, in turn, YOU will lose control over every aspect of your Amazon business.
  • Through Amazon FBA, it’s well-documented that the number of returns of the products is quite high.
  • Lastly, your inventory may not be very well-organized. There’s a chance that it could be a complete mess. This would, in turn, make everything a little bit harder to manage which is the complete opposite of what it should be.

Well, tough luck, right? Don’t worry, there’s a better way but we’re not going to tell you just yet. Keep on reading and find out!

Amazon Automation Business

  1. Hire a VA or a Virtual Assistant to delegate the rest of the repetitive tasks

Before we proceed to what’s going to be your top choice for Amazon Automation, let us take a quick pit-stop to a possible option for you. That’s none other than hiring a Virtual Assistant or what is commonly called a VA.

Hiring a VA is awesome especially if you can get your hands on someone really really efficient. And yes, this option can take a lot of load off of your plate and will give you peace of mind and extra time to do something else while you delegate most of the repetitive tasks as well as the mundane ones to your VA.

Well, at least most of them. By hiring a VA, you automate most of the processes when setting up an Amazon-based business but still, you’re going to have to deal with about 50% of the job.

Some of the tasks that a very efficient VA can take off of your hands would be email management, social media management, content creation, editing, or maybe even scheduling your appointments.

You will surely have more time in building your business but then again, you still have to build your business for yourself. Hiring a VA should only be considered as one step in the right direction but should not be the overall solution if you want full Amazon Automation.

Plus, hiring a VA will cost you some money. So, is there ultimately a better way around all of this? How do I fully automate my Amazon business and reap the benefits 100%? You’re in luck for we just have the solution for your concerns!

Here we go —

  1. Hire a third-party service (experts) to automate your Amazon business for you

Hiring third-party experts (like us) to help you with Amazon Automation will turn your business into a passive money-making machine. You sit back and relax and we do all the work for you when it comes to selling products on your Amazon account and all you got to do is enjoy the margins that will surely be massive.

Remember what we said about the competition being crazy when it comes to putting up your business in Amazon is? Well, hiring a third-party service to do the hustling for you is going to save you from all the stress you’d otherwise have if you do a thing on your own.

And, unlike hiring a VA or using Amazon FBA, we will deal with all of the business processes and concerns for you 100%. There’s practically no need for you to learn any necessary skills just to be successful online because we already possess those skills. This is a 100% hands-off option!

So, what makes this option different for your Amazon Automation needs?

Here are a few clear cut benefits:

  • Well, clearly, this is an almost if not 100% fully automated option for you to put up business in Amazon.
  • You take advantage of the skills that took years and years to develop by experts. It’s like a legal and clean way to hack yourself into the system that would otherwise take decades to master and be successful in.
  • You will have so much free time and you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  • You don’t have to worry about ranking, inventory, managing, strategies, or even scaling for your Amazon store as we got you all covered.
  • All of this while still owning 100% of your Amazon account and your products. All you got to do is to collect your money from the huge profits/margins we will be making for you that’s almost always a guarantee.

Excited? Well now, you are probably asking as to how you can get started, right?

It’s too easy just follow these simple steps!

  • Sign up.
  • Let us take over.
  • And we let your store take-off.

You thought it was a long process, right? Well, it isn’t! We make things easier for you because that’s what we do. Having an experienced bunch of experts by your side at all times to get the show running is out of this world efficient.

How would you feel to partner up with someone who’s already been earning and earning for other people of up to 8 figures in Amazon? Pretty confident, of course. These are the people that our team is comprised of. We are dedicated, passionate, and skilled. And that’s a lethal combination when it comes to your Amazon Automation goals.

So, why worry yourself or go through all the hassle of running your Amazon store single-handedly and worst, since you are not experienced enough and you are a one-man show, see your investments go to waste? Go grab this opportunity that’s right within your reach and partner with us to start growing your business today.

If you’re ready to partner with us then so are WE!

*You may also take advantage of the multitude of softwares available nowadays as well as some Amazon tools that you can learn. But then again, aside from the fact that there will be a massive learning curve, you’re going to be a one-man show with your business after learning a bunch of these softwares. So why not take that load off of your mind and outsource all the stressful processes and just enjoy while your empire grows. Sell all the products that you can get your hands on, don’t worry about storage nor inventory, and watch your capital grow.


More reasons why Amazon Automation with a Third-Party service provider is the best route you may take…

It’s like having a mentor always by your side for your Amazon journey

Okay, that may sound like an adventure movie but putting up a business online or on a massive platform like Amazon is truly a journey or should we say an adventure. And with all adventures, there will be a lot of adversities that you will have to face.

There are going to be ups and downs as it’s always guaranteed to be a rollercoaster ride. Having Amazon Automation experts always by your side will make sure that there’s someone literally holding your hands and making sure that everything is organized.

It’s almost like having a mentor that always willing to impart important knowledge to you for the sake of running your business and keeping everything in order. Our knowledge is your knowledge, our expertise your expertise. No holds barred, all-out offensive to ensure that you get the best value out of your investment.

No softwares nor tools for you to deal with

There are a lot of people out there that want to do business online nowadays and especially in this era where everything is digital that are discouraged to do so because they are not confident with their computer skills.

Trust us, we’ve heard the reason “but I’m not tech-savvy” or “I get a headache every time I see complicated software” hundreds of times. If you identify with this group of people then have no fear. Third-party services for Amazon will handle everything for you and you won’t have to learn nor play around with a tool or software to get your business running.

Built-in virtual assistants

Most third-party Amazon automation service providers have in their ranks the most proficient virtual assistants available at your disposal. Need social media engagement? Virtual assistants will take care of that for you. Need something processed, need something written, need something managed? Virtual assistants will do those for you.

Boring and repetitive tasks won’t ever come your way as long you stick with experts like US. And most of all, you will be updated every step of the way. So you too, even if we handle 100% of the work are always updated on the status of your Amazon account.

No more testing the waters

No more testing the waters here, none at all. When you are new to something, especially in a business venture, you take enormous risks. Unless you are a fortune-teller, you don’t really know how things will turn out.

Even the best analysts can’t be guaranteed 100% of the outcome of any endeavor. Well, we’re not saying that our dealings would be 100% fruitful and will always be spot on but at least we can assure you this – all of our methods have all been tested and proven even before we try it out for you.

There’s no testing phase here, it’s all been tried before and all have proven to be effective. We are confident that we will yield results and the only way that’s stopping you right now is your decision. That being said, well, the balls in your court.

Amazon Automation Services

As third-party Amazon Automation experts, how will we exactly execute all of these concepts?

Great question! As mentioned, we will only implement tested and proven methods to ensure the success of our partnership. Here’s a glimpse of our process –

First step –

As with every business venture, every time you start, you’re going to have to shell out some capital. Before we can get the ball rolling for your Amazon store then you’re going to have to start with a certain amount that we can work with.

After we’ve cemented our partnership and invested your capital then we set everything up right away.

Second step –

Then we set up your store. We can literally, based on your budget, secure and put in your inventory thousands of products for you so it will all be ready for ordering. We will not have any limit on any brand of products that we can set up for you.

And yes, we have the ability to show you your inventory or where we keep everything and ready for packing and shipping too if you want.

it would only be natural that you will have questions about the products that we will sell on your behalf. And let’s be honest, it’s not always going to be a best-selling product but with persistence, expertise, and an aggressive approach to selling a variety of them in your inventory it is almost guaranteed that we will earn well from the margins.

The technique here is finding the products that we can buy for so much less (in bulk) and we can sell for so much more with crazy high margins. That’s how we do things and that’s why we are going to be successful.

Third step –

Step back and relax as we handle everything else. It’s almost as if you’ve put your business into auto-pilot. We mean, not almost, but it is exactly like that. We do the heavy lifting and you reap all of the benefits for just a fraction of the entire cost.


Take note that the world at this very moment is shifting into doing everything online. That means being able to do digital transactions is a must. But we understand that there are challenges that come with that, a lot actually and so we are here to help.

So, let’s get your success story started. Gone are the days that all you do is a daydream that you’ll have an Amazon empire. Get into Amazon Automation, don’t worry, we’ll be there 100% of the way from start to well – success.

Take control of your legacy today! Partner with us NOW!

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