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I am a bachelor’s student who is looking for ways to bring in money. More specifically, loads of money. Who does not loves to be a young millionaire? The most in-form activity in the 21st century is a cryptocurrency, isn’t it? No, you were wrong if you thought of this. The world today relies on e-commerce. This is a platform where people spend a few bucks and earn up to millions. And there is no rocket science in this. You need to have a business plan and you are good to go.

But this is where my topic comes in. If this is that simple, then why do loads of brands and manufacturers hesitate to get into e-commerce? Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. And Amazon’s automation services have become a talking point these days. Nowadays you will see loads of agencies that provide such services. In essence, you need to figure out that is Amazon automation a scam?

Brief Intro of Amazon and E-Commerce

E-commerce is a platform where you sell your products. Enough? No. An e-commerce platform offers you much more. This platform provides you the liberty to establish your brand and sell your products without having a shop or warehouse. In other words, all you need to have is a bunch of products and you are good to go. Various platforms offer you benefits, perks, and advantages so you join them.


In all this chaos, Amazon enters the race. Or specifically, Amazon started this race. It is the first brand to start the concept of e-commerce and online shopping. Being the pioneer, Amazon holds some key benefits for its users. The best of which is world renounce. The platform provides you with easy account establishing, creating product lists, and selling to a wide audience.

What is Automation in General?

Automation has wide meanings. In general, automation means performing activities without human input. In other words, automation means removing the human presence barrier and performing tasks automatically. Machines, such as computers, are the perfect example of automation processes. If you need to read a research article without going to the library, a computer helps you. This is a general example of an automation service.

In e-commerce, automation has a similar meaning but a different impact. Here, automation means to perform commerce activities without the need of humans. If you go a bit deep, you will realize that e-commerce platforms such as Amazon itself are automatic. You place, receive, and process orders through the computer. So why is all the fuss about automation? And this leads to an Amazon automation scam which is common these days.

Where the Amazon Automation Gets Wrong?

Here is my first practical example to you where theAmazon automation scam becomes a reality. See, if you look at the word ‘automation’, you will feel easiness and unique. Although there is nothing new and different but this is where scammers earn their money. They present you with a brilliant ‘investment’ opportunity to grab you. And I bet you have not noticed why I stressed upon investment.

Practical Example

Investment is where people tend to put their money in and eventually lose more than they earn. Suppose you need to start a business where you plan to construct homes, apartments, and offices. Initially, you plan to begin with a sample house. But you have no idea how the construction industry works. And when people hear about your idea, one person comes forward to help you.

What lies in this for the helper?

  • A great opportunity since the construction industry is always lucrative
  • A way to do all the hard work without doing the major part i.e. the budget
  • Futuristic plan to become a shareholder of your company

But little do you know about these ideas for which he is going to help you. The helper handles all the construction ideas and plans and performs the tasks. All you do is invest and wait for the final product.

Once your first sample house is ready, the helper brings forward the agreement that will make him, say, 10 to 15% shareholder of the company. Or this will be his profit margin for each house, apartment, or office you sell.

This is what an automation scam looks like. All this looks like is the second party is doing the majority of the job. But in return, the same party is going to become an eventual partner in your company. And they will not let you get free.

Is Amazon Automation a Scam?

This is the time to determine that is Amazon automation a scam? The above example might not just reflect a scam. But a way to make your business liquid. The above will turn bad if your service provider decides to backtrack you and present you with a wrong profit gap. But professional automation service providers offer you the best help to begin and maintain your business.

How does the Automation Ideally Look Like?

When you hear the word automation, it should be like it means. Automation means performing tasks without human interference. Or without the use of human support. If you look at the above example, everything is humanly controlled. Do you know why I gave that example? To present you the idea that what an Amazon automation scam looks like. Automation service providers offer to set up your business but everything is controlled by them.

Practical Example

Suppose you need to start the same construction business as above. But you need to have everything from setup to processing through computers. You contact a web developer who agrees to give you software with a one-time payment.

When you get the software, you will be able to:

  • Manage orders
  • Decide on potential orders i.e. whether to proceed or skip orders
  • Bargain for payments
  • Process and complete orders
  • Have a constant connection with the clients
  • Have a look at the expenses
  • Manage your staff, record, and details

And once you use the software to develop your company and you eventually begin your sales. Everything remains to your ownership. Moreover, whenever you need to bring new changes, you will have all the power for this. Thus, this is what actual automation looks like.

Is this the Best?

With all the positives above, you will feel this is just the plan for you. But there is a fine margin between good and bad. Where the above ideal setup lacks is professionalism. Many new brands and entrepreneurs leave Amazon and other such platforms due to a lack of understanding. And this is where professional automation service providers come in.

How Amazon Automation Investment has Changed the Setup?

A reliable partner is what you need. Even if it gets you to share with one. Amazon AI or Amazon Automation Investment provides you with the ideal opportunity. They offer you the services of setting, managing, and processing your Amazon account so your business stays liquid. In addition, a team of professionals helps to give you an encouraging profit each month.

The X-Factor

  • The Amazon AI has private suppliers that manage orders and offer responsible shipping of products.
  • A professional team is utilized that works hard to bring your new business on the world stage.
  • The service provider offers you the ability to manage your account health. This is based on the level of customer satisfaction you achieve by completing orders etc.
  • A transparent account balance sheet makes Amazon AI a reliable partner. They share all the details of payments that come in and go out.
  • Custom software is the best of the factors on offer. The software helps to control, manage, and explore accounts in the best way.
  • Legal documentation is always the key. And thus, Amazon AI makes sure that a legal yet reliable connection is made between the two.


Amazon automation scam is a reality. Even the simplest of the idea will make you feel ready to invest and acquire the services. But everything is not rosy. A profit-based automation service is not bad. But what is bad is that these service providers do not disclose the full nature of the deal. Moreover, you get stuck in a deal that makes you spend more and more over time. Amazon Automation Investment provides you peace of mind when it comes to such scams.

A reliable team not only presents you with a plan on how the service will commence. But they offer you a transparent mechanism. This helps you to have an idea as to how your account will work. Finally, we have the answer that is Amazon automation a scam? In short, it will become a scam if the customers do not do their homework. Else, automation service is a great way to help people.

With amazon automation services, a newcomer or entrepreneur will be able to set up his account and begin his business. A service provider will help him in all the different account management and setup phases. And through this relationship, both the parties will earn. The service provider for their efforts and management. And the seller through their products.

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